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Monday, January 20, 2014

Somewhere - The Slayers Try

Another request I can finished.. I admit that most request are very difficult to work. (T_T) I truly have a hard time on each of them.

So this is, aside from Shinkai from Elfen Lied, was one of the easiest. The song is pretty 'friendly' for beginners and higher levels should be able to played without difficulties.

Accompaniment can be done with keyboards, or a full band if you wish. Very close to say, you may need a piano, acoustic/electric guitar, keyboards (unless you want a group of violin and viola to join), possibly clarinet/flute (unless you change it with keyboards), and a singer (unless you change her into instrument -- maybe saxophone?).

Playing the main tunes may be suitable for beginners-intermediate levels, while for expert players, I think you can do improvisation like playing it in jazz or rock style.

Anyway, have fun and  E N J O Y!!



Total page: 2 (2 sheet music, including lyric page)
File type: jpg
Supplement: (find the folders: anime-ost/Slayers/TV3.Try.OST-II.BGM-II/) or youtube

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