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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bored with Loose Friends - Ano Hana

This is the second Ano Hana sheet music. Somehow, the music score from this anime is so interesting to work with. One reason why I want to transcribe this is because of the possibility of performing as a small group, yet various instruments. You can hear that the music is dominated by piano and guitar, but there are actually additional instruments: including violin/viola, xylophone, and others. All of these instruments can be replace with Western or even traditional music instruments such as harmonica, pianica, angklung (Indonesian traditional bamboo music), kolintang (Indonesian traditional bamboo music, and several other countries also have a similar type like this), ukulele, sasando (Indonesian traditional "guitar" -- I can't really describe this, try search on Youtube..), any Spanish/Latin instruments will also work, and of course, try your own local music instruments.

I rarely put 'style' on the sheet, but this is a very Latin style music called Beguine. Listen to how chords were played by the guitar. You will understand what I am talking about.

Since this blog is to give you tutorial on music, I give you a good example on how to play beguine style on guitar. I actually had looked around, but other example was pretty advance (variation, rather than basic); so sorry for pianist, I couldn't put up a good sample here. However, just looked at the video I share, it will give you a good presentation, as you can differ the 'bass' and the 'chord' sounds.
The video actually gave you 2 Latin style: Beguine and Tango. All you have to hear is from 0:01 to 3:22. The rest is for Tango (variation)

Bored with Loose Friends is not a very easy music. So I think it is not suitable for Beginners. The solo part may suitable for Beginner-Intermediate, while up from Intermediate can perform it freely. The accompaniment part might also tricky. I simplified many part so at very least Intermediate students should be able to perform without facing difficulty.

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