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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Loneliness - Blassreiter

February at last. I looked at the posts January and felt sad with the fact I couldn't post a lot. Time becomes tighter to me. But anyway, I managed to finished Loneliness from Blassreiter. I almost gave up because the changing tempo was quite hard to follow. So with all that I could, I decided to transcribe it as 3/4, with some places had it as 4/4. Working on the chords was much more delayed. There were times I couldn't find the correct chords and should stopped working, only to try again on another days. On a very good mood day, I managed to find the chords.

I should simplify the chords because it was still too complicated, and by hanging on the simpler chords, I could finished. With these simplification, I also wish more students and musicians can try to play. The good thing about this score is -- you define your own tempo. This means, there is no rules that you must follow the original sounds because the tempo was defined as rubato. Suit yourself where you want to play a bit faster or slower, free yourself to decide what kind of style you want to put on your left hand (for pianist).

I hardly able to imagine this song is played with other instruments, though it's still possible. A chamber orchestra is possible, maybe the result will be like the in Goemon Main Theme (Reprise). It might be also worked if you play it with harp. Of course the nuance will be different but I think that is what we expect.  Changing the style into jazz is also possible. So unleash your creativity because this is a challenging music!

A pop pianist with the skill at Intermediate-Expert or Expert is the only choice to be able to perform. It doesn't mean that classic pianist can't do, in fact the possibility is broad. The very problem of classic pianist is he/she cannot imagine to play the style (left part) without seeing a sheet music. She/he also may not trained about chords system. So mastering chords system and hearing are a must before you can perform this sheet music.

E N J O Y!!



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