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Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Corner of Memories - P4 (game)

Oh nooooo! It's already March, I only posted twice on Feb T_T

So here is the request from Persona 4 (one of my favorite game). I thought it was hard to work on the chords, but thank God, it was much easier.

The sounds are having influence from jazz, in my opinion, and a tiny influence of latin music. However it's not so difficult to play. Should it goes with Intermediate student/musician; she must be able to play. Pianist should try a different way of playing. The main melody is actually playable with violin, trumpet, and other instruments. Of course, an adjustment is required.

I keep saying about 'playing with other instruments' and 'play with different style' but some of you might clueless or confuse as you just a Beginner. So no worry! This time (and hopefully for next times), I found 2 awesome interpretation of this music score. I decided to skip all the piano covers in Youtube, because it would be just 'plain' piano. Luckily, there are 2 guitarists playing and each has their own way to play, which becomes a perfect sample.

The first one:
Played by KeatonFox, even though using guitar as instrument, it still has a lot sense of the original sounds. Plainly when you compare to the original, the style used by him is same. However, I like the fact that he played it with guitar.

The second one:
played by J0shuaChristian, is a totally different interpretation. It takes a bit slower tempo (beats), also different style. In this interpretation, the chords are mostly played as arpeggio style, more like pop arrangement, but actually requires more classic skills. When I heard this, I would imagine hearing it on my road trip.

But these are only samples. You are not obliged to do the same. Re-interpretation is a good way to see a work (in this case: music) in a different point of view. In a simple way: you see it out of the box.

So, have fun with music, and E N J O Y!!



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