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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Beautiful Love - Uta no Prince-sama

Long absence from featuring fellow transcriber, so this is a fresh work from Daichi-samax a sheet from Uta no Prince-sama Shuffle Unit CD: Mikaze Ai, Hijirikawa Masato, and Kurusu Syo. It is definitely a song, not too hard but a bit tricky with the changing keys. Whether performed by singer or with music instruments, I would think this is still quite advance. So Intermediate skills are required.

I did not test this sheet music, but I did comparing the sound to sheet music and so far it was reliable one. However, please take a note that this sheet is made for flute. I compared it to the piano version, transcribed by LIEZE and the opening key were both played on Bb (B flats major). So I made my own conclusion that both are played on the same tune.

So for flutist (is that how we call the flute musician?), here is Beautiful Love.

E N J O Y!!



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Christina said...

Hello! Thank you for this and a lot of other sheet music!

I just wanted to say that "flutist" is right, but flute players are also called "flautists." Both are correct, and both are used.

mitayashi said...

hi christina!
thank you for confirmation. it's really help!