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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Altair - Sakamichi no Apollon

At last! At last! At last! (T___T)
I can finish this.

One of the hardest song to transcribe. It has so many chromatic chords and additional chords. It took three days for me only to work on the chords! I am glad it's finished now.

Technical Challenges

This is a challenging work. The chords is flowing: so many changing chords even on one bar. Seeing the complexity of the chords -- rather than the song itself, I should give this to Intermediate-Expert and Expert musicians. Intermediate musicians surely can try, of course with extra practices.

The song itself is a medium challenging. Definitely the song part (solo) can be played by Intermediate musician. The challenging part - of course - the transition of keys. I think the hardest part for singer is to maintain your breaths. Many part of this song are divided into long phrases.

Please take a note for both musician on solo part (or singer) and musician on accompaniment: the tempo of this song is always changing and the changing is very slight. Without metronome, you might not be able to see the 'drastic' change. So please compare the original sound to your metronome, to study the changing.

Lyric Translation

I decided to put 2 translation styles, one from shiori (I called it Translation ver. A), and another from animeyay (Translation ver. B). The reason is because shiori's style is the closest to the Japanese lyric, where i can easily "cut" them by lines, so it's exactly like a poem. animeyay version, is almost like shiori, but it is more like a short story; it's more complete and using 'unusual' choice of words which makes it beautiful. Of course there are differences in their translation. So this is a good opportunity to study the lyric's meaning.


Out of my expectation, very little or almost no one tried this. The good thing is, I found one singer and one pianist. The singer has a beautiful voice and everything else is perfect! (Even his Japanese is good!)

So here is the video from flipocrisy.

Another one is a pianist -- I am pretty sure was a Japanese. What makes this performance interesting is the fact that he didn't really follow the original style. Instead, he put some flavour of jazz. It was a brilliant interpretation and skills! And this is the video from onanieCEO

In the end, I wish more people play this beautiful song. Happy spring time.

E N J O Y!!



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