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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mania Butterfly - Jormungand

Another sheet music that is still hard to transcribe is Mania Butterfly. Iwasaki Taku seemed know very well how to make a difficult music (T.T)

I leave the chords part now, see if someday I can work on them. Meanwhile, violinist should try this beautiful score. I would think Intermediate musicians can do this. However, this is a good 'etude' for Beginner-Intermediate musicians.

If there's any expert musician who can play the accompaniment part (chords), that would be great! If cello, violins, and violas are not available, then piano can substitute. Maybe also good with harp. Either way, you just need to try.

Anyway, nobody has ever played this score and upload it to youtube. So this is your chance!

Anyway, the strings version is made by T. Daengdej. Read the small post about it here

I will update this page if I can make the chords.

E N J O Y!!!



Total page: 1 (no chord), 5 pages for strings. Files are separated
File type: jpg (original, no chord) and pdf for strings
Supplement: anime-mp3 or youtube

Download page: here  ( no chord) and here  (string ver.)

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