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Friday, May 30, 2014

Hajimari no Hi - Tegami-bachi piano cover

I remember someone request me to play Hajimari no Hi months months ago. Got no time to really practice, I decided to ask my friend to play (though she also rarely practices..). Because we only have a day to work, she asked me to double recording. First she recorded her playing on the piano, then we recorded the piano for video presentation. The good thing is, this type of presentation is enabling tutorial. As you can see the specific note is red when played. So, those early stage piano student can observe the notes.

Overall, the playing is using the j-mAdness' sheet music. What makes different is the tempo and the arrangement. The tempo is much slower than the original music. Also, she cut the rap and other parts. As exchange, she played on different octaves to create different feelings. At the minute 2:50 - 2:55, she also change the melody as part of variation. Nearly end of the song, she made poco a poco ritardando and closed it with fermata.

The left hand style is simplified into legato. This completely change the mood. The original music is more into disco style (or funk?). To compare, this is a piano version which very likely still follow the original style of Hajimari no Hi, played by Delwyn Lim


For the sheet music and tutorial of Hajimari no Hi, please read it here.
Anyway, enjoy the performance and happy playing!!


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