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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Neat Sister - Rozen Maiden

Finished this request.

So far this is not a hard song to work. I would recommended Beginner-Intermediate to play either as main solo or the accompaniment part.

The B-part and B'-part might be tricky, but it should be easy enough if you practice a lot on that part.

Though the overall sounds very likely played with keyboard, as I mention earlier, you could separated each part into main solo, chords, and bass. In actual sound, the bass part had a lot of improvisation, which I couldn't transcribed all of them on my sheet version. The chords was handled by guitar and I didn't think the chords were hard to execute. I think the most interesting part was the percussion. So actually you can perform this song as a band.

Other thing I noticed was nobody yet show off themselves playing this song on Youtube. This gives you a big opportunity to be the pioneer. ;)

E N J O Y!!!



Total page: 2
File type: jpg
Supplement: (find the folders: anime-ost/Rozen_Maiden/TV1.OST/) or youtube

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