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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hi again

Hello all,
sorry I'm still in hiatus mode. I only come here to update the file for Run Factory 2. Thank you Josephina for sending me the info!

All requests are in hold. I don't know yet when to return. I am completely out of money (ok, i should confess now..) and I am on huge debt of my medicines on these 2 months. Honestly I need $300 only to pay my medicines. all I want to do is "crying".. So.. all i ask is to keep coming here, buy some items in Zazzle and other shops I linked if any of them suit your taste. Meanwhile I try to look for time to work back on this web.

As I said on the chat, I hold on all requests. I see if I can finish any request on the list first. But again, I can't promise when to start doing it. I advise you to look on other place first. And if you find it on other place, please let me know, so I can drop your request. I'm deeply sorry for lack of work and making you waiting for long time. You are free to drop your request at any time. My apologize.. (T.T)

Love you all
mitayashi no mae

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