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Affiliations and Advertising

1. What does 'sister blogs' mean and purpose?
::: Sister blogs is a category where all sites that listed there have direct relation to my site. We are not only linking one each other but supporting one each other, too. By this way, we promote one each other's website. You will find that we have a big project that will be released in specific time. For example, I release a music sheet of a song. Site B will provide the videoclip in youtube, site C provides the lyric thread, and site D makes an article about how to sing the song.

2. Interesting! How to be your sister blog then?
::: a) your site is on the same theme with me. Doesn't have to fit all themes. Maybe only relate to fanart or Japanese book. Send an e-mail to intiteam(at)yahoo(dot)com so we can discuss. it b) propose a big theme that at least my site and your site can do together. I may also come up with an idea. c) if we already get an agreement to cooperate and supporting one each other, then I'll put your link to mine, you do the same. I won't force you to make a "Sister blog" Category. It's up to you as long as you link to me, too and credit (and link to me) when we have the big project.

3. Can I advertise my product to your website? (update)
::: basically, yes.

4. Great! Now, do you accept if I give you the software for free if you review my product or link it? (update)
::: unfortunately, no. Advertisers must pay either as a small article, permanent link at "Brought to you by.." section, or links at specific posts (at the bottom of a post).
The reason why I reject for free software is because I already have a similar software or your software is not in my demand list. Don't bother to send any proposal, if you don't willing to pay. Let's keep everything simple! :)

5. Uh.. ok. So... how much is it to put my advertising? (update)
::: it depends on types of advertising. Writing an article is the most expensive, since I will write it myself. However, the article is permanent.
Link at "Brought to you by.." section is permanent for 6 months and yearly. Once your contract is finished, then you have to pay for next time or stop your advertising completely.
The last option is to put a small advertising at my main article. For example, at the bottom of my sheet music articles. Links there are permanent, unless if I checked one day and your product was no more available, then I will remove it. Anyway, since I am busy, chance to check is pretty small. So, that's why you still pay for a bit more :D
For detail of price, please contact intiteam(at)yahoo(dot)com