Important: (26th July 2012) - From now on, when you click Download Link, a 5 seconds of waiting is previewed before you can download.

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Download Problems

1. I see your "download page" at your, but I don't know where the download button. Where is it?
::: Find the text "Download File" (button). DeviantArt might changing their layout. Last time the download button was far down of the page, but now at the up right.

2. What is "rar"? Why is your file in rar?
::: rar is a 'compiler' software and able to press files inside it, like a ZIP format. But rar can press the files more than zip. Inside this rar, i put the jpg of the sheet music and the audio file (mp3) of respective song/music score. To operate rar is just like zip. You can download the software at here. Don't worry, it's free.

3. Should I become member of deviantArt to download your sheet musics?
::: No. You can directly download it by the links I provided when you read the article called "Download file". Even when you reach the deviantArt pages and want to download the stuff there, you don't have to become a member.

4. I downloaded it, but seems error or only half file. What should I do?
::: First, you can report it to me. Tell the detail what happened to your download. I usually will test to download as well.
Second, there's possibility that your internet connection was unstable. You can turn off your connection and turn on, then try to download. Sometimes connection may take long time to recover, so try again after 24 hours.
Third, there is also possibility that's server down. Try to access within an hour or see it after 24 hours.
Fourth, if no of the suggestions above work for you, contact me, and I will provide a backup link for you to get the file.

5. About files stored in other online storage 
::: Mostly have the same download procedure as you read on #1 to #4.

6. OOHHH!! Since you make advertisement page on Download Link, I got confuse!!! (NEW!)
::: Don't be panic. The advertisement page is to help j-mAdness survives :( So, wait for about 6-7 seconds, later there will be a button said "SKIP AD".

and then the Download Page will appear:

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