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General Info

1. What's the meaning of "mitayashi no mae"?

::: There's no specific meaning of it. Mitayashi is just a playful nick from my original name 'yasmita'. Mae means front. So, literally it means "in front Mitayashi".

2. So why now the link is but the site's title is j-mAdness?
::: Because I bought a domain and direct it to So all contents are actually still in Blogger.

3. So what's the use of
::: Obviously same with http://mitayashi.blogspot. Either you type or, the result will be same.

4. Wait! What is j-mAdness? Are we insane?
Sort of. :D This is the explanation:
j = Japan
m = movie/manga
A = anime
d = dorama
so j-madness = our 'madness' to those subjects drives us to appreciate, collect, and talk about them.

5. What is this site all about?
::: Mainly it will be a site that provide you the sheets music of anime, J-dorama, and J-movie and fanarts. It will be supported by reviews about interesting anime/manga/J-dorama/J-movie/Japanese books. Recently, I also review and plan to put up transcribe sheet music of Japanese games. I also put whatever related to anime/manga like drawing tutorials. Whatever related to Japan also can be review here like drawing original character in manga/anime style, artisan craft, just make sure it has a touch of Japanese style.

6. So, this site is about sheets music. What's special about it?
::: Keyword: anime, dorama, movie, japanese, games, music, sheet, chord, piano, pianika, melodeon, guitar, tab, violin, orchestra, mp3, flv
Even further, this site provide you how-to play review and difficulty rank.

7. I saw some anime/drama or even films title that I found it not popular at all. Why bother to work on its sheet music?
::: I can give you some reason:
a) The purpose is to open up people's knowledge about various style of music and composers in Japan also this web is more to educate and giving challenge of good music. It is pointless for me, to work on popular title which has no challenge to work and no challenge for you to play.
b) I also worked based on what-feeling-does-the-BGM-wants. Happiness, sadness, anxious, horror, funny/comedy. Music is basically character to play and that's what I want to share.
c) Some of the sheets here are even suitable for "etude" like collection from Iryu. Which really good to sharpen skill. My personal ultimate "etude" that I always use for warming up with my violin is "Sprinting Spirits" from Eureka 7 because it touches 5th to 7th positions.
d) I seek possibility for duet, trio, or group to play. In the end, it's all about perform in front of audience, right?
e) Many of the title I am working that actually I don't even ever watch but by listening to the soundtracks I can get the ambiance of the whole film/show and that rise my curiosity to know more about the film itself.
f) I already had proven that a good music, even though people never heard it and we can deliver it nicely -- even with a minimal instruments; it will be just good! I played on my "Music Demo" at schools where I was a teacher and some informal concert. The result? Audiences are just loving it!