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Music & Music Instruments

1. What Instrument can I play with your sheet music?
::: basically, I have no restriction to what instrument to play. Any instrument, as long as it fits the clef and notation range will be ok. For example, piano is mostly has the widest range of octave compare to violin. So check first, if you play violin, is the notes are reachable or not.
If a score is written in - for example - Clef of G, while your instrument is played at Clef of F, then you are encourage to request for a proper transcription for your instrument. Just send your request to or leave a message at the chat box.

2. Can I just sing it?
::: Again, it depends on your ability and range of octave. Some of sheets here are actually for singer (for example: Sakasama no Chou from Jigoku Shoujo or Tane wo Maku Hibi from Bleach). However, there is no rules say you cannot play it with your instruments.

3. Hey, I see a sheet for piano, but why is it only for right hand?
::: The sheets here are multifunction. Rather than only serving pianist, I want it to be universal use. I assume you are a pop pianist whom able to read the right hand, while you can freely play the left part by only reading the chords.
If you are a classic pianist, then, this is your chance to open opportunity to learn how to play pop. All you actually need to do is listening (hearing) the mp3 (audio) so you can 'track' the left hand style and pattern of playing.
Just FYI, it is common in Japan and SEA countries to sell pop song sheet music that is only contain of tune (right hand - if played by piano) and chords. Generally, it is called as "lead sheet". Wait, what's that mean? Ok, check here on Wikipedia about lead sheet. So.. stop complaining! I'm enough with this. (T__T)
If you really need the complete hands in a transcript, then there are thousand website out there providing it for you. I even list some of good blog or website that provides different way of transcribing. So just check them if you find mine is no good for you :)

4. Are sheets music here support band players?
::: Yes. The way I wrote the notation is actually same with any sheet music for pop sheet music. I do believe if you are singer, guitarist, and bassist, you know where your part. For drummer, I am sorry that I cannot provide any guidance for you.. but I assume you are good on hearing.
However, the chords part for guitarist, when it is played a chord but different bass sound (while no bassist around), the way to play may a bit different. Say, you play C/E (C on E) or Gm7/Bb (Gm7 on Bb).

5. Can I have the guitar tabs? NEW UPDATE!
Requesting for guitar tabs is closed now. This is to avoid the overlapping works. The best is to check these awesome website that provides the charts of guitar tabs: and
If you have other better sources, please share it with us.

6. What about orchestra?
::: Well, I'm sorry I cannot transcript all instrument in detail. As exchange, this is your opportunity to learn how to transcript a lead sheet into orchestra use. As long as you know how to work with the chords, I am sure you're just fine.
Apologies that I also have quite a limited time so I can't waste my time only to work on a score.

7. Can you make a sheet music for violin and/or piano? 
::: Both instruments are part of Clef of G. Usually my sheet music afford both piano and violin. For flute, probably a bit limited, and I know that some other instruments especially woodwinds and brass are limited in note range.
To answer your question, I never make a specific sheet for specific instrument. Please continue reading to point #7

8. The Clef 
::: Ok, since I am tired being asked as written on #6, please check the list below. I might work on this slowly, so I expect you to find out by yourself. Wikipedia is the best resource.

a) Clef of G: piano, violin, recorder, pianika, harmonica, guitar, keyboard, organ,

b) Clef of C: viola,

c) Clef of F: violoncello (cello), piano, guitar,

8. Can you provide me MIDI? 
:: No, I am sorry.

9. Can I sell your work? Can I link to your work? 
::: You are not permitted to sell the sheet musics. I do this for fun. My raising money is only using advertising in specific area of my website. So either ME and YOU cannot sell the sheet music. Period. No excuse.
Can you link? Yes. You can let your friend links my work as long as I am credited.