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Request List

Before you request, make sure you read the "About+FAQ" page!!


Request Batch 6:

1. Rurouni Kenshin - Frozen Flare -Shura no Huuin- (on going)
2. Torii no Mukou (track 24) - Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae - (on going)
3. kanata he (track 24) - ending of the story -- Nerawareta Gakuen :
4. nerawareta gakuen main theme (long version) (track 25) -- Nerawareta Gakuen
5. Kamen Rider Kiva(Movie):The King Of The Hell Castle  or 『Circle of Life』 劇場版 仮面ライダーキバ 主題歌 (complete song) -----> i decided to do the violin part only (as you requested first), definitely it will be much simplified. The sample i am going to use is preferably from but if i cant, then i use the original one.
6. Namida no Shizuku - K project
7. Kirishima Shouko - Baka to Test

Request on next batch  will be open once all the list above are full and at least 2 had been finished. Thank you for trusting j-mAdness to transcribe your favorite anime/j-dorama/j-movie/j-videogames.
Other project such as normal transcribe that was scheduled by j-mAdness will be still on.

Rejected Request Batch 5:

1. Ys IV Memories of Celceta #01 Foliage Ocean in Celceta --- dropped as I am not capable to work on guitar part. Other transcribers are welcomed to work on this piece.
2. Sora ni Saku (slow)  - Rental Magica. The original version has parts that i cant transcribe, while the slow version is a very long one.

mitayashi no mae


For next batch:
1.  closed 

Rejected request for next batch:

Note that "next batch" list has not yet scheduled for transcribe. Means,.. I have no guarantee when to work and upload, even though I have the material here (sample sound). I am predicting the current batch will be worked on July 2014 and possibly uploaded on December 2014. Unless I finish the main requests, I will not proceed this batch.

Before you request, make sure you read the "About+FAQ" page.

Thank you.



Batch 1:
1. Blue Dragon -
Iryu (finished)
2. TAO/Do as infinity -
Tales of Legendia (finished)
3. Hidarime Tantei EYE Original Soundtrack 帰れる場所 (Kaereru Bashou) (finished)
4. 左目探偵EYEよりDONOR/RECIPIENT【耳コピフル】 Hidarime Tantei EYE (finished)
5. 左目探偵EYE ~Hope Hidarime Tantei EYE (finished)
6. Who am I -
Jyuu ou Sei -- for cello (F clef) (finished)
7. Song - Tatta Latta. Anime -
Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! (finished)

Batch 2:
1. Hajimari no Hi - Tegami bachi (finished)
2. Tsuka no Ma no Shiawase"- Katekyo Hitman Reborn (finished)
3. Blue Bird - Naruto (finished)
4. Yuuki no Uta - Shugo Chara (finished)
5. Tsukihana - Jigoku shoujo - additional guitar TAB (finished)
6. Kimi to Zutto - Detective Conan (finished)
7. Mosaic Kakera (viola/clef of C) (finished)

Batch 3:
1. Main Theme - Keizoku 2: SPEC
(i think it will take long to me to study.. :D ) (finished)
2. Free Bird - Haibane Renmei
(checked other sites referred on Josh's web, my version will be more into each solo. both version linked at Josh are also different and might create confusion.. so yeap.. that's my reason to accept this one) (finished)
3. Luster - Sengoku Basara (finished)

4. ~Moshi mo ashita ga aru nara~ Vocal Album - 光降るなら  -  Narcissu (finished)
5. Only Human - 1 ltr of Tears (finished)
6.  Poem for Everyone's Souls - Persona 4 (finished)
7. Seigi no Koe ga Kikoeru Kai from Tiger & Bunny. (finished)

Batch 4:
1. Assiah Fantasia Second Movement: Tomorrow is another day (Ao No Exorcist OST) (will be worked by Daichi-sama) (FINISHED)
2.  Butter-fly from Digimon --- for cello (FINISHED)
3. Tooi Sora he - Yosuga no Sora (FINISHED)
4. Star - Arashi no Yoru ni (FINISHED)
5. Ennui - Kimi ni Todoke (FINISHED)
6. Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi OST: Fate (Enishi version) (FINISHED)
7. "Hikari No Kioku" from Tegami Bachi (FINISHED)

Batch 5:
1.Shinkai - Elfen Lied (I put here to give an extra opportunity to other requester because Batch 4 is very fast to full) (finished)
2. Loneliness - Blassreiter . NOTE: I might drop this request because it seems too difficult to work but so far, I am still interesting to try. (finished)
3. Somewhere in The World - Slayers TRY (finished)
4. Corner of Memories - Persona4 (game ver) (I personally listed it from long time ago) (finished)
5. Altair - Sakamichi no Appolon (finished)
6. Blue Fish - The Sky Crawlers (finished) --> this is quite hard. takes time.. please be patient T_T
7. Neat Sister - Rozen Maiden  (finished)

All Rejected Requests

1. Already have the sheet music: PAGE 1 and PAGE 2
2. Already transcribled by Josh
3. Euterpe - Guilty Crown Already have 3 sheet music version listed at Josh. On "G" section of anime title.
4.Allegro Cantabile - Nodame Cantabile. Already have sheet music version for piano solo at Josh website. The same sheet can be applied for violin. See the clef of G, take the upper notes (higher notes) on the sheet, for solo violin.
5. to all people from Fragile Dreams Reason: cannot make into PDF
6. Brand new melody (by Terashima Takuma) ---> request for PIANO is rejected. We work based on Clef. Request is not clear whether we have to transcribe as the pianist play on the sample, or the original performance.
7. Mirai Chizu (by Starish) ---> request for PIANO is rejected. We work based on Clef. Request is not clear whether we have to transcribe as the pianist play on the sample, or the original performance.
8. Maji Love 1000% from Uta no Prince Sama -- well, if i want to selfish, I would say i will reject songs from Uta no Prince-sama because i don't enjoy their voice at all and the series also a disappointment for me. But professionally, I must reject because there are "rapping" part that will give me lot of trouble. Also there are so many part where singers are overlapping.
9. Kimi ni Todoke & Elfen Lied because the sample is not sufficient. I've been looking for a month for the resources, but they aren't available. It is possible that the sounds are not include in the OST albums but I pass the others with titles.
10.  kono yubi tomare (suga shikao)-- I consider this as "not reading the FAQ page. gosh..
11. Song of Storm - Zelda Ocarina of Time because you can get the sheet at
12. Green Greens - Super Smash Brothers Melee , file can be downloaded at - pdf
13. Livrement - Kurenai, file can be downloaded at at "Browse Sheet Directly"
14. Travelling Elf  - Record of Lodoss War file can be downloaded at at "Browse Sheet Directly" (original reference:
15.  岬めぐり  山本コウタロー&ウィークエンド-- not clear whether this is a variety show or film. 
16. Super Mario World Athletic Theme Song has a sheet music version at: 
17. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Shop Theme  has a sheet music version at:


珊珊 said...

hello, i like the sheets u made..
i have a request a song from a j-drama
the song is 君とずっと...(Kimi to Zuuto) by Yu-Yu

Here is the song sample:


珊珊 said...

sorry..for my request of yu-yu / 君とずっと... of my last comment..
i hope u can make a violin music sheet..if u can..^^

mitayashi said...

hi 珊珊,
great thanks for sample. I will list it.
the final sheet will be for clef of G, which is definitely can be used by violinist. I decided not to put any symbols that are for violin, in order to avoid confusion to other musician that use the same paper. You are encourage to make your own symbols. :)

x-dragons-claw-x said...

Hi. May I request a song please?
Luster - Sengoku Basara
I would love it if I learnt this song!
Thank you. :)

If you can't do that, I would love for this song to be done:
JAP - Sengoku Basara 1 opening

mitayashi said...

hi x-dragon.
roger, I take the first one.

PrinceSama said...

Can u make it a piano sheet plz?

( heres a piano play:
or make plz this but this is a short version)
Plz make it this is a great song:D
+and also can u give this in midi file?( for synthesia becouse i cant read sheet:S)

(and sry bad english)

PrinceSama said...

Hi plz can u make a midi file(for synthesia) :

Plz make it for me :P

mitayashi said...

I take the sheet music request. Not for MIDI.
Whether it is for Piano or other instruments, please read

mitayashi no mae

PrinceSama said...

I don't really understand sry i have a shit english XD
by the way can u made it in .pdf file?

mitayashi said...

no problem, i explain again:
1. i take your request.
2. i don't make MIDI.
3. i don't make pdf.

File is jpg (picture), which also easy to print, or just see on your computer screen.

4. Piano and Violin is on the same clef that we call Clef of G. Range of notes of piano and violin is different. But it's not my responsible to take care details. I only make a GENERAL purpose sheet music. The rest, it's the musician himself, to take care.

I hope this clear what confusing you :)

PrinceSama said...

thx xD

Anonymous said...

Could you please transpose a song for me?
It's called Seigi no Koe ga Kikoeru Kai and it's from Tiger & Bunny. It's a character song sung by Barnaby and Kotetsu~
Thank you. :)

Ahleeson said...

I have been waiting for someone to transcribe it, and you have made it possible!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!! *O*
Now, I can't wait to learn and play it. THANK YOU SO MUCH~ I will keep on supporting you! :D

Wishing you more luck in your future works! :)

Have a nice day! ♥

mitayashi said...

Hi Ahleeson!

Thank u so much for giving me some headache HAHAHAHAHAH *joking, of course!*
I am sorry that I couldn't make it nearly 100%. I think, probably that is a reason why other transcriber also avoid to do this song, even though this song is superb.

and thanks for keep supporting us! that's the reason why I can't turn down this website. ^_^

hugs, hugs,

Ahleeson said...

LOLOLOLOL I'm terribly sorry for all the headaches you've had just by learning this song (_ _")Its funny coz that what my sister said: I might have been giving you a really hard time. LOL! But really thank you! I keep checking on your site every single day waiting for this moment to come! HAHA! xD

And it's super super alright if its not 100%, for we all know you always give 110% effort to all of our requests! :D

Please don't turn down this site! I would be very sad if you do (TT ^ TT) In fact, everyone would be.. (> <)

Ganbatte nee~ (^^)

mitayashi said...

your sister is too smart. she knows how to kill people instantly :D well, even though it's the hardest request I'd handle until now, I thanking you coz it push me to my limit.

yeah, i was thinking to close the site if i can't get any place to store my transcripts music, since deviantart no longer support the zip files to specific folders. I can't afford to buy servers. :( the only way to survive the site is through the advertising i put in, especially the one under each article. Even though it will take very long time and still limited amount.. but better than try nothing. :)

please spread the word about this site, so I have better chance to keep the site running. Though money is problem, I still stick myself with my main goal: to educate and encourage having fun with japanese music from anime, game, film, and drama. so, more people read means my project had given the impact.

Thanks again, Ahleeson! ^__^

Anonymous said...

hey!can i request the music sheets of persona trinity soul anime songs..

Anonymous said...

can i request a song please?
assiah fantasia second movement tomorrow is another day is the song name and it is from ao no exorcist.
the youtube link is here for you too.
thank you

mitayashi said...

Q: "hey!can i request the music sheets of persona trinity soul anime songs.. please!!! "

A: you must specify the title.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to request for games solo piano sheet music:
fragile dreams: farewell the ruins of the moon.
1. to all people
2. tsuki no nukumori
Pls make them into pdf,
I really appreaciate your help!
Thank you

mitayashi said...

for request of Fragile Dreams:
sorry i have to reject because i cannot make it into pdf.

珊珊 said...

i will like to request a violin sheet from an anime OST.
The name of the anime is Yosuga no Sora
Please take your time.. :)
And this is the sample of the OST that i have requested:

Thank you

kamui199094 said...

Hello, May I request for piano sheets please???
From anime: Uta no Prince-sama
The song:
Orpheus (by Mamory Miyano):
and Brand New Melody (by Terashima Takuma) :
Thanks a lot :D

kamui199094 said...

Oh, I'm sorry that the piano sheet for Orpheous is now available so could I change my request??
From anime: Uta no Prince-sama
My piano sheet requested is:
Brand new melody (by Terashima Takuma)
And Mirai Chizu (by Starish)
Thank you very much and sorry for this change ^^

Anonymous said...

Can I request a song called Maji Love 1000% from Uta no Prince Sama please?

Here is the youtube link:

Anonymous said...

I would like to request
Fate (Enishi Ver.) from Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi in clef of G.

My primary instrument for this will be violin, but if you go off the piano portion, that is perfectly fine too.

SnowDrop said...

Hi! May I put in a request?
The song is called "Hikari No Kioku" from Tegami Bachi Letter Bee.
With Vocal:
Without Vocal: (higher octave)
I've been wanting to learn this song for a while but I can't find the sheets. I would be really grateful if you could make some for it!
Thank you! :D

Anonymous said...

Hello, i would like to request a music sheet. It is called "Somewhere" from the anime Slayers Try. I would like it in both bass and treble clef. If you can transcribe it into piano,great, but if not,it's alright. Thanks!
Here's the link form YouTube:

Lima kh said...

hi may i request a song please ? here is the link i hope u can make a violin music sheet.
thank you

mitayashi said...

@Lima kh :
request on is rejected. please read our FAQ page about request~!

Anonymous said...

sakamichi no melody or Altair (or both?) from sakamichi no apollon

mitayashi said...

I would go with Altair since I already half way making it before you requested

Kuzan Vu said...

Baka to Test: Kirishima Shouko

Hopefully, this might be easier for you compare to the others you have to do. :3

Here's a another if you need some help (Sadly, he doesn't have the music sheet and it's only 58 seconds) :(

Rizza Carla M. said...


Can you please make a music sheet for this ost?

It's called Sweet Love from the anime called A tiny snow fairy sugar.

I read the faq and I'm not sure about the difficulty level but I think its easy to intermediate.

I'm not quite sure about the clefs either since I'm kind of an amateur. I can't really figure out which clef it would go to. D; I tried my best.. I think it's a C......idk... im sorry....

It's a piano ost so it shouldn't be much of a headache too.

Here's the link:

Thank you so much for taking the time in reading this comment ;_; I hope for a good response :<

Have a good evening!

Anonymous said...

i request a song please
lament of the cursed from BLACK BULLET