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Sheet Musics Request

1. Can we request? What is the procedure and how long will it takes? (NEW)
:::Yes you can.  Basically, all you need to do is just to write the anime title and music title. If you have specific request like transposition or using a different clef, please mention it. You can leave your request at the chat box or send it to
The length of working depends on situations I am facing. For example, I once was request to transcribe Avalon's score. This is a rare anime (film) and I could not find the sound samples in popular anime websites. So it took some times before I can study the music. Another thing is,.. the requester wanted me to put up all strings sounds which I tried but then I realized my capability and the limited time that I had. In the end, it took about 3-4 months to put the music on the website. This was also caused by the schedule that I already planned. Like -- I already had some sheets to be online, so the request sheet must on the queue.

2. What is the condition/rules to make a request?  (NEW)
::: Now, this is a good question. Since I have some difficulties previously, so let's make some rules. This is to limit difficulty on the future:
a) Make sure that your request is NOT yet transcribed in any website. How to check? The best place to check is Josh anime music collection. This is the best place to start crawling. Another best way to check is using GOOGLE. This is how you put the keyword: [title of anime], [title of song], sheet music. Additionally, you can put "pdf" and [instrument's name] after "sheet music"
b) The request must be from anime, japanese games, j-drama, and japanese films only.
c) Make sure the sample sound is available so I can download it! It can be mp3 or youtube. Especially if your request is rare 'item' or a very new on air show. Please... give me the good quality of sound sample. Don't take it by cropping from the anime where the characters are talking there... When you do this, it just same you give me twice works because I have to look on the good quality one. How to check that your request is having the sound sample? Check on these websites: We love Asia OST (mostly for J-movie and J-drama), (for j-drama OST), (for anime and small amount of Japanese games. Most of collection are from Nipponsei), Kingdom Hearts Insider (for mostly Japanese games OST). Those places I mention are not a must, if you know where to download it, just directly put the link for me!
d) One person can only request 2 songs.
e) Keep check J-madness REQUEST LIST to make sure your request is accepted or rejected, on progress or even finished.
f) I can only make JPG files. MIDI and PDF are not supported. 
g) And.. this is very very important... make sure you know the song/score title and the anime/film/videogame's title! It's so annoying if you just give me sample sound without knowing the titles..

3. Can I request for piano/violin/etc?
::: No, you can't request based on the musical instruments. I only work based on clef. Rather than asking for musical instruments type, you can request for "G clef", "C clef", or "F clef"  or any other clef if there's any. However, it's still fine for you to mention what instrument you need, AFTER you mention the Clef type.
Why I do this?
I cannot make specific for any instruments. Please read here. Aside from efficiency of working, my music software also has limitation. For example, in reality, violin can be played for 5 to 7 octaves, but Sibelius (my version) only detect for 2.5 octaves, and after that all notes will be given red colors. So it's kinda annoying especially during working progress. Other than this reason, I just want to make it general in purpose.

4. And Consequences for not following the rules...?
a) I will reject a request that is already listed on other website.
b) I will refuse to work K-pop, K-drama, K-anime, Western film/drama/animation OST, even J-pop and J-rock! No question about this.
c) From now on, I will not process the request that has no sound sample. Especially if it's a rare item.
d) Your max request is 3 songs. The last one will be listed on the next batch.
e) From now on, I won't contacting any of requester that the request was finished. Check j-mAdness website, my tweet, or our Facebook page to get the update!

5. Hey, my request doesn't break any rules, yet you still reject. Why??? 
::: I am pretty picky now. Previously I just do the request without thinking so much. Now there are lots of consideration to do a request.
a) I may reject request songs that include rap or talking 'off tunes' that usually gave me lots of headache to work. "Tatta Latta" should be the last song ever that gave me lots of pain :). Don't get it wrong, there are songs like Asterisk from Bleach that I dreamed to work, but it sounds too much because it is rap. :(
b) The reason might be personal taste. I might dislike the song, the voice, or even the anime/film/videogames. I usually bear my feeling when I work on request that I dislike. However, i do my best to work on it, unless I really think I can't do it -- professionally. For example, I reject requests from Uta no Prince-sama, despite of my personal feeling, the request will take too long for me to work on, as I should separate the melodies to avoid overlapping notes. And, no, thank you.. I can't spend too long on a song.  >.<
c) Are you sure you didn't break any rules I wrote...? >.>

6. Why can't you make MIDI or PDF? (NEW)
::: My software is pretty old. It does support MIDI, but not PDF. My reason why I never released MIDI version was because it is easy to be modified by other people without my permission. Even my jpg version had been modified by other people :(

7. So the "Request List" page on top of the site is...?
::: To track what request I am doing and what's on the future. Request that I am working on will be marked as "on going". Those I finished will be marked as "finished". This is to help both you (requester) and I to know what's going on to your request. Also, if I reject your request, I will write there with or without reason.

8. Can you speed up?
::: Again, it really depends on situation, the song/score difficulty, and the queue.

9. I request you first. How come you work on another request that came later than mine?
::: I usually give a little priority if I have the request sample music within my music collection. I only avoid doing nothing. There are events when the requester do not give me a sufficient sample music and I have to ask back the person to provide me a better sample. While waiting for this, I would push whatever material I have to be done first.

10. Wait, on the "Request List" page, you marked it "finished", but why I didn't see it as an article yet?
::: There are 2 conditions that may happen:
(1) It was finished but not yet for final touch. Means, I still have to work a little more by checking and complete the layout.
(2) Another article was already on schedule and I would not interrupt it. So yours must be waiting for a little more time.

11. Should I pay to boost up your speed?
::: No way I would accept! To respect the copyright and as a moral responsibility, I keep everything in this website FREE. This is to respect the original work of composers, song writers, and lyricists. Please understand that I take care this web completely in my free time. However, though my real life is quite hectic, I now try to be more discipline with all schedule I put for j-mAdness because I love to share what I can with you.